About Us

Few words about Who We Are ?


We are one-of-its-kind in Industrial Supply Chain industry, featuring an exclusive range of products for all industrial purposes. First Choice began its operations during 2015-2016, with an objective to inculcate and introduce the concept of industrial supply chains in Pakistan. Currently our website is under constructions and surely will maintains a fully online catalogued collection of most of popular brands across global geographies.

Since advent in 2015-2016, we have rapidly increased our business and market value by offering optimum solutions to the nation’s industrial community. In essence, First Choice has transformed its identity from a “No-Tallent” to  major vendor and center focus as supplier of various  enterprises/organization/industries and ofcourse to a multinatinal community, where sellers and consumers meet and explore the lucrative opportunities of Quality & Trading.


Automotive and Assembly extranet

Our Team of Experts

We believe in professionalism and Quality of product and services to reach our clients and to accomplish this goal we have our team of experts and pros in their respected categories. Least but not last we always open to learn and we do admit proudly on various sites we learned from our clients & aim to do so as we believe in “Learning can never be put to stop till you grow and breath”

Management Team

Mr. Abrar Ahmed

Founder & CEO of First Choice Trading Co

Mr. Nadeem Sherwani
Operations Director

from last 2 years our operations director, takken FCT to new high grounds.

Mr. Talha Habib
Procurement Manager

From Last year & half made FCT clients very satisfied by delivering quality of supply / services / products.

Mr. Mehmood Khalid
Buisness Relationship Manager

Very focused and importantly crystal reports on each financial stage & sets new goals for future milestones